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SENSOPLAN Turbine Generator Life Extension and Performance Improvement Program

Are you faced with any of these challenges:

Partner with Sensoplan with our Life Extension Program and take advantage of these benefits:

Today’s improved understanding of the long range behavior of materials, more accurate design calculation and improved testing procedures all contribute to more accurate life expectancy predictions for older steam turbines. 

During start-ups, shut-downs and load changes, thermal expansion may cause localized plastic deformation in critical components. For turbines built in the 1970s and 1980s with over 100,000 hours and over 10,000 starts, accurate life predictions are critical to your reliability.

SENSOPLAN’s detailed engineering analysis arms you to make solid decisions about your long range turbine generator maintenance plans. Your investment decisions are backed by solid engineering data and a partnership with the best analysis team in the business.

Maintain your generator and turbine reliability and availability to their highest potential. Contact Sensoplan Today!