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Vibration Sparking Solution – Lifetime Extension at a Fraction of the Cost

Vibration sparking is a common fault that dramatically drives up the maintenance costs for global VPI generators of certain designs. If you are experiencing vibration sparking and are considering a costly unplanned outage and major overhaul, Sensoplan is offering an innovative, proven alternative.

The integrity of the coupling between stator winding bar surface and slot wall in certain generator designs is subject to a phenomenon known as "vibration sparking", an effect that can result in severe damage to the bar's main insulation and subsequent lengthy unplanned downtime of the unit if left to degrade to ultimate failure.

If your generator is experiencing vibration sparking, would you like to:

With special custom made injection tools, SENSOPLAN carefully injects a specially designed resin between stator bar and iron core at precisely defined locations in the generator stator. The process is optimized such that the exact amount of resin to be injected for each repair location in the core can be easily verified individually by the SENSOPLAN engineer.

Our approach provides:

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