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Robotic Air Gap Inspection

Accurate generator inspection without costly “open-and-inspect” outages

The economics of power generation are requiring adaptation of new low cost procedures to reduce outage time and increase generator performance over longer lifetimes. 

Sensoplan’s innovative Robotic Air Gap Inspection procedure can save you days of costly inspection time with high accuracy of information. 

If you want these benefits, consider us for your next generator inspection:

Our proven Robotic Air Gap Inspection provides these key inspections and features:

Thorough Visual Inspection: Visual generator inspection is performed by an expert Sensoplan engineer using our unique robot and camera system.  Our camera performs a total sweep of the gap between the stator core and the field windings in your generator.  Our engineer applies his trained analysis to the high resolution video output over every inch of the generator air gap.  This inspection is virtually a 100% inspection of:

Sensoplan additionally offers the ELCID Electromagnetic Core Imperfection Detecting testing, which needs just a few hours to get a first overview on the integrity of the stator core of your machine. In case of detected core anomalies, Sensoplan perfectly recovers your generator time saving and cost effective using its worldwide unique diagnosis and repair tools SENSOCORE HI Checkup and SENSOCORE Inject™.

Maintain your generator reliability and availability to its highest potential.  Contact Sensoplan Today!