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Hydrogen sealing contour

Hydrogen sealing contour

Hydrogen Sealing Contour™

Increase Power while Reducing Hydrogen Loss

Proper operation of hydrogen sealing systems in large turbo generators depends largely on the ability of the seal ring to self-center. This is a common problem and one that costs you in high hydrogen consumption, steadily decreasing unit efficiency and especially in reliability risks of your machine. If you want the to improve your turbine generator efficiency and operating cost at a minimum investment, then our Hydrogen Sealing Contour™ is a great solution for you.

You will experience:

SENSOPLAN engineers have developed the patented design which consists of optimizing the contour of the babbitt on the inner side of the ring, the sealing surface. In lieu of the circumferential groove widely used, SENSOPLAN Hydrogen Sealing Contour™ uses an "oil pocket" at each oil outlet with precisely and individually defined measurements (widths, radii). The pressure required for self-centering can be safely established at these pockets for all operating conditions, including standstill of the shaft.

Technical advantages include:

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