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Top Tooth Modifications

Top Tooth Modifications

Top Tooth Cracking In-Situ Repair

Top Tooth Cracks Repaired without costly winding removal and rotor overhaul – an amazing time and cost savings

Some models of turbo-generators are subject to a problem commonly referred to as "top tooth cracking".

This design issue affects the teeth of the rotor forging at the end of the slot, in the rotor shrink-fit area where the retaining rings are mounted.

In the worst case, top tooth cracking leads to the total failure of the rotor, particularly on machines with numerous starts and stops.

Do you have stress induced cracks developing in the tooth tops of your generator's rotor at locations near the rotor-end sections? 

Conventional approaches to repairing such cracks normally involve significant repairs that are costly.  Additionally, these repairs require replacing the generator's retaining rings, adding significant cost and complexity to the generator repair.

Has your OEM manufacturer or another generator repair company recommended a major rework of the teeth, requiring rotor rewind and new retaining rings?

Not only if generator uptime and reliable long term operation are critical to your plant, in any case you will be interested in Sensoplan’s solution to this common fault.

Sensoplan has developed a repair solution for the top tooth cracking problem which is proven reliable, fast, and extremely cost effective.  The rotor winding remains installed and the retaining rings virtually unchanged. Key features of our solution include:

Maintain your generator reliability and availability to its highest potential.  Contact Sensoplan Today!