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Trapezium Enhanced Technology TET™

Stator End Winding Repair

For a certain series of air, indirectly and inner H2-cooled generators, the end winding supports are designed without sufficient flexibility for operational thermal expansion of the stator bars during start-up of the machine. As a result, high forces acting on the contact faces can result in detrimental effects such as cracked welds, broken contact faces, relative movements, and eventually heavy wear at support elements and main insulation. Wear typically starts slowly before it accelerates exponentially at a later stage – the integrity of the generator is endangered.

If you are experiencing these symptoms your trouble can be resolved efficiently with our patented SENSOPLAN TET™-Design. The work can be performed in-situ without any rewind and with minimum downtime of the unit, thus recovering the lifetime of the stator winding.

This unique repair package upgrades the stator end windings by introducing structural flexibility with an innovative modification concept:
The SENSOPLAN TET™-Design is the best stator end winding repair package with highest cost-saving effects available on the market.

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