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Generator Services

Start-to-Finish Turnkey Solutions

Performance Improvement
New engineered configurations to help decrease operating temperatures of generators, extend the useful life of the unit and cut maintenance costs.
Innovative TET upgrades to introduce flexibility to end winding structure, minimize blocking of axial thermal expansion, significantly reduce tie forces and eliminate need for rewind.
Component Swap
Capable of installing spare generators including all required modifications of components — bushing box, casing foundation bolts, bearings, sealing rings and DE coupling. This has been done with reduced downtime.
Conduct root cause analysis to identify issues such as thermal expansion of end winding, brazed corner inspections causing weakness, stress, initial cracks and vibrations.
Inspections and assessments proven to detect problems early, allowing for repairs during planned outages — with reduced costs and disruption to operations.

SENSOPLAN Turnkey Turbine Generator Overhauls, Inspections, and Repairs

Want a Turnkey Solution for your Turbine Generator Major Maintenance?

Turbine Generator major maintenance with SENSOPLAN insures:

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